Dok is the simplest way
to claim your corner of the internet.
We'll take care of everything,
you fill in the blanks.

Creating a website, hosting it, starting a blog, and maintaining a single source of truth for your online brand requires a lot of work. We bundle it all into a straightforward and simple service so all you need to care about is just being you.

Your website
Own your brand with a custom "Dok" website dedicated to you. Talk about yourself, host your resume and create pages to go in-depth. To be honest, use it however you like.
Your portfolio
Upload your work, talk about your work. Create an origanized, long-lasting protfolio. Create tags of content for easy filtering.
Your blog
Every Dok gets a simple blog that you can use to share your thoughts, ideas and expertise. Having an opinion and sharing your expertise is a big part of claiming your online brand.
Beautifully designed
Pick your colors and we'll do the rest. While all Dok sites have a consitent, highly-optomized look and feel, they can be personalized to your choosing.
Fully Managed
Never have to look at a line of code, think about buying a domain or hosting. We abstract away every piece of complexity of maintaining an online brand and give you a stable, fully-fetaured platform for managing it with ease.
Analytics Beta
Simple, built-in analytics so you have an idea of how your website and its content are performing without having to do any additional work. We're privacy focused so we don't track our users/visitors individually (#noTrackingCookies).
You also get all these awesome features for free.
Enjoy simple site editing with our super-minimal editor.
Own your brand with a custom domain name. Bring your own or get one for free.
All Dok sites are highly optimized for performance. You can leverage our globally available CDN for free.
Never worry about SEO. All SEO features are built-in.
Built to last. Permanent URLs and long-term service as long as you keep your subscription active.
We're a privacy-first, indie software project.
Dok is simple. It takes all the foucs away from website building and puts it back on you, and everything you need to be doing to make your online brand thrive.

We're resonable people and I like to keep to that when it comes to others using Dok. For a fair montly fee Dok offers a service that can take care of 99% of your personal website's requirements. Dok was engineered from the ground-up to support sustainable growth. This means we don't need 10,000 users to be sustainable, just a dozen are enough to keep the service running. That's why we can keep Dok running till the end of the internet and pledge to keep the lights on till our last paying customer leaves us.

Privacy first. Dok collects the bare minimum data we need to create your site. We store it securely and never sell or share it with any entity outside Dok.