Where your team's
knowledge gets organized.

Clew is a centralized system of organization. We consolidate your company’s individual documents to create narratives, not sub-folders.

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Brain-friendly documents
Compile different types of individual documents to arrange them in any order that makes sense for the work at hand.
Search by content and context
Anyone across your company will be able to surface exactly the right information just when they need it.
Improve on-boarding of new employees, cross-team collaboration, and have more productive conversations with all the right context using Clew—your company’s internal knowledge pool.
We take security and privacy seriously.
Documents are encrypted on transit and at rest, we even have full redundancy for all major systems.
Connecting all your tools.
Bring your team's knowledge together with powerful integrations. Connect Slack, Google Drive, Github, Jira and more.
Built by the
creators of Alcamy.
Alcamy is an open learning platform for self-learning. Students and teachers from around the world curate resources to teach and learn absolutely anything. We're taking our proven document model used by thousands and applying it for enterprise with Clew.
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