What is Clew?

Clew helps your company organize its internal knowledge base. Word files, spreadsheets, design files and more, shouldn’t be viewed as standalone documents. Imagine the benefit of having all those files arranged in a way that’s relational, quickly searchable and ordered based on your team’s workflow.

Why use Clew?

  • Consolidate and democratize knowledge in one location
  • Surface exactly the right information as it's needed
  • Have productive conversations with the right context

The basics

The people

Your Clew workspace is made up of People organized into teams. A workspace owner will be able to invite members, promote them to admins and add them to teams. As a whole your Clew workspace is made up of the following people:



These can be anything from a department in your company to a group of people working on a single project.


A collection of components organized in a page for a specific purpose. You can have conversations alongside documents.


A single piece of information that can be anything from a snippet of text, an Invision design, a Jira ticket, Intercom message, GitHub pull request, Google Drive document, an image or almost anything you want via integrations.

Last Updated: 8/2/2018, 11:43:30 PM